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Top uses for your car in college

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There are a lot of things that you get to do while in college, and bringing your car with you is definitely one of them. After all, who wouldn’t want to have access to wheels whenever they choose to, for that party you wouldn’t miss for anything? However, most people would fear owning a car in campus in a bid to escape all the hassle that comes with it. But remember, there are seemingly lots of pros you could enjoy. Here is a list of some of the greatest benefits that should make you change your mind.

Alternative quick cash

When in college, being broke is part of what you will experience. However, you do not have to miss classes because you couldn’t afford tuition fee yet your car can bail you out. What’s more, you do not even have to sell it. Raise fast cash by using that sleekly black Ford you enjoy riding so much to get a logbook loan. It is simple and at the end of the day you still get to keep your car with the money in your account. You could garner up to £50,000. Just remember to carry your V5 document with you. Do not forget your identifications as well. Additionally, ensure you keep up with payments as you do not want to graduate with a damaged credit report.


Having a car in college will give you the chance to do new things and take that pretty girl for a date without difficulty. It is more likely that every once in a while you would want to get away from campus and go have some fun or do something out of routine. This is the moment your car becomes your hero. Unlike public transport, your car can take you anywhere you want. Be it to the beach to relax with friends, to the mountains for a hike or even to the next town to shop for cheaper commodities.

Independence and convenience

Getting home for the holidays doesn’t have to be hectic anymore; it can be done on your own time and convenience. You can kick expensive flights off the list, delayed trains and other transportation woes when you have a car in college.  What’s more, you can have your friends travel with you and enjoy a road trip along the way. To make the most out of the situation, have them pay for gas and make some extra money! Having a car will additionally open some professional doors for you as you can easily work or have an internship off campus. Though you can still do this without owning a car by using public transport, however, there’s no guarantee that you’ll always make it on time. Remember, more opportunities are available to mobile individuals. You can enjoy freedom and financial independence when still in college simply because of your car.


Your car can make you the favourite of many, so do not discount the fact that it can help you make friends. After all who would not want to be friends with someone who has access to fast, private and convenient transportation? However, before you take your car to college, ensure you have a ready way of dealing with moochers. Remember, many will borrow your car and even ask you to take them places. Be comfortable to be the bearer of bad news when you say no to people who want to make you their personal chauffer! Additionally, do not forget to charge some fee where necessary so as not to waste money on gas and some extra Euros in the process.