Tips for getting good value for your car from a Logbook loan

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Getting approved for a logbook loan is a walk in the park. After all, your credit history does not stand in the way, and all you need is to own a car plus be an adult citizen of the UK. What you need to worry about therefore is how you will increase your chances of receiving the highest value for your car regardless of its age. Whether you are driving a brand new sports car or an old one, you can still earn up to its maximum value if you use these few tips provided just for you in this article.

Make sure your vehicle is free of any other financial obligations

You will need to make sure that your motor vehicle is not on any other loan if you want to utilize its value for money. This is because even though some lenders might agree to offer you a loan, they will greatly reduce the amount you borrow so as to reduce the risk involved. Ensure you obtain permission from your current lender if you want to take out another loan. However, it is important to note that you will be released if your existing loan is almost cleared and its term coming to an end.

Keep it in good condition

It goes without saying that the better the condition of your car the higher the amount you get. For instance, if your car is brand new you can get up to its full value if you use it against the logbook loan you take. Remember, what every lender avoids is risk and a faulty old car is a risk they would rather not take. That is why you need to ensure you keep your car is perfect condition if you are to enjoy good money for its value. Ensure you carry with you authentic documents that prove you took good care of it. For instance, take with you receipts of any major customisations you made on the car recently. After all, these are the things that will escalate the value of your car above its origin price.

Do research

You will need to do thorough research if you are to get the best deal that will earn you more money. Remember, there are many logbook loan lenders that have sprouted everywhere; each with different APR rates. That is why you need to benchmark as many companies as you can. Good thing there are many sites everywhere on the internet such as Simple Logbook Loan. These sites will offer you great results just at the click of a button. While doing your research physically, avoid falling into the arguments of the brokers you meet at the lending shops. They are paid to sell and sell really hard thus they are just doing their job.  It will not auger well if you get into the very first deal you come across. Perhaps that’s why it’s better to search online and reduce the transactional noise experienced at local shops.

Top uses for your car in college

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There are a lot of things that you get to do while in college, and bringing your car with you is definitely one of them. After all, who wouldn’t want to have access to wheels whenever they choose to, for that party you wouldn’t miss for anything? However, most people would fear owning a car in campus in a bid to escape all the hassle that comes with it. But remember, there are seemingly lots of pros you could enjoy. Here is a list of some of the greatest benefits that should make you change your mind.

Alternative quick cash

When in college, being broke is part of what you will experience. However, you do not have to miss classes because you couldn’t afford tuition fee yet your car can bail you out. What’s more, you do not even have to sell it. Raise fast cash by using that sleekly black Ford you enjoy riding so much to get a logbook loan. It is simple and at the end of the day you still get to keep your car with the money in your account. You could garner up to £50,000. Just remember to carry your V5 document with you. Do not forget your identifications as well. Additionally, ensure you keep up with payments as you do not want to graduate with a damaged credit report.


Having a car in college will give you the chance to do new things and take that pretty girl for a date without difficulty. It is more likely that every once in a while you would want to get away from campus and go have some fun or do something out of routine. This is the moment your car becomes your hero. Unlike public transport, your car can take you anywhere you want. Be it to the beach to relax with friends, to the mountains for a hike or even to the next town to shop for cheaper commodities.

Independence and convenience

Getting home for the holidays doesn’t have to be hectic anymore; it can be done on your own time and convenience. You can kick expensive flights off the list, delayed trains and other transportation woes when you have a car in college.  What’s more, you can have your friends travel with you and enjoy a road trip along the way. To make the most out of the situation, have them pay for gas and make some extra money! Having a car will additionally open some professional doors for you as you can easily work or have an internship off campus. Though you can still do this without owning a car by using public transport, however, there’s no guarantee that you’ll always make it on time. Remember, more opportunities are available to mobile individuals. You can enjoy freedom and financial independence when still in college simply because of your car.


Your car can make you the favourite of many, so do not discount the fact that it can help you make friends. After all who would not want to be friends with someone who has access to fast, private and convenient transportation? However, before you take your car to college, ensure you have a ready way of dealing with moochers. Remember, many will borrow your car and even ask you to take them places. Be comfortable to be the bearer of bad news when you say no to people who want to make you their personal chauffer! Additionally, do not forget to charge some fee where necessary so as not to waste money on gas and some extra Euros in the process.

Smart ways to fund your kid’s education when unemployed

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When you need to pay for your kids school expenses including fees, sports and camp fees, being unemployed will definitely affect your ability keep up. Schools are very vigilant to maintain prompt payments and thus in times of reduced income, this can cause lots of stress. You could even be taken to court if you do not do anything about your kid’s arrears. However, you need not to worry as these top options will definitely help you sort this problem without breaking the bank.

Get a logbook loan

Being unemployed could have resulted in a very poor credit score which will frustrate your efforts to acquire a traditional loan while you wait to get back on your feet. That is why a logbook loan is all you need to raise a fast and wholesome amount of money. Lenders will not pay keen attention to your credit record as long as you are the legal owner of a roadworthy vehicle. The amount of money you borrow will depend on the value of your car. However, you can receive more if you show documentation for all the customisations and modifications you made. The good thing is that you still get to keep your car as usual and the lender only keeps the V5 document. However, you will risk losing your car if you default payments. Therefore ensure you have a payment plan before hand or talk to your provider in case you face difficulties meeting payments.

Contact the school for options

When you are finding it hard to pay school fees because you’ve been laid off from work, you may think of approaching the school for options. You will be surprised at the compassion the school might show during this period of financial difficulty especially if you have been loyal and prompt in paying previously. For instance, you could ask the school for relief for books or a waiver of the fees where applicable. Alternatively, negotiate a better paying arrangement with the school. Ensure you request for a more affordable plan that involves smaller payments as opposed to the one-time semester fees. This way you will ease off the pressure of the one-off semester fee demand.

Scholarships and Aid

Scholarships and education aid either by private entities or the government is one smart way you can settle the pressure of school expenses when unemployed. The good thing is that you will not be required to pay back. Therefore your child can go through school peacefully and you also don’t need to worry about high interest rates. Ensure you look for scholarships in areas that your kid has some good profile in. For instance, it could be through an academic, sporting or any cultural event. Just ensure that you involve the school as they can easily inform you of all the scholarships your son/daughter stands high chances of approval.

Money saving tips every mother should know

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Even with the birthday parties you have to throw for your kids and all your friend’s baby showers, you can still save lots of money with resourcefulness and strategy. You don’t have to skimp on the things that matter anymore. If you want to be a lifelong saver for your family here, here are some of the best tips that will help you.

Map out menu plans

It is very important for you as a busy mom to have a menu plan if you want to save. First, having this plan will help you stick to the grocery list you make and avoid impulse purchases. Remember, budgeting alone will not help much. Therefore, in addition to your budget come up with a list of all the things you will need and purchase them in bulk. Ensure you check out coupons and sites that offer special deals and promos codes in as many stores as possible. Remember to go for quality and not just brands. Get all the pantry, non-perishables and frozen items such as meat all at once. You will definitely land into a good deal that will save you lots of dollars and time as well.

Start using logbook loans

In the case of an emergency that requires immediate cash do rush for a logbook loan as all you need is your car. For instance, compared to that payday loan you’ve been taking, a logbook loan is much cheaper with a low APR. What’s more is that you can set a loan term that you will be comfortable with. For instance, you will pay smaller monthly payments if you chose 24 months contracts than you would for a 12 month contract.

Escape credit checks with a logbook loan as that will be the last thing lenders will look at. Remember, your car is enough security since it can be repossessed if you fail to make repayments. Even if you are a full time mom with a poor credit score or none at all, you can get some wholesome amount by simply using your car against the loan.

Go for free fun

Save lots of cash by opting to host your son’s birthday at the public beach and try out some homemade menus. Not only will you save some extra bucks but you will also eat healthy. Additionally, there’s lots of free fun to be had in town so you do not have to shell out entertainment anymore just because you want to save. Opt for free family events listed in your local newspaper. However, there’s also nothing wrong with going for a vacation or splurging on a restaurant once in awhile. Just ensure you save enough before doing so.